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About Us

The company has operated amusement equipment in Newcastle & the Hunter Valley since 1956. The back bone of the business is pool tables & jukeboxes but later grew rapidly with the introduction of Pinballs.These devices brought new opportunities, corner stores & fish and chip shops demanded the machines to attract business. In the late 70’s early 80’s video games emerged. Space Invaders & Pacman revoulutionised the industry.

The past 20 years has seen the switch from 7″ vinyl jukeboxes carrying 100 records to a full album CD /CDV jukebox with around 1600 songs. Now a digital format jukebox  holds over 20000 tracks. It is not only a music median ,the jukebox is now a marketing tool as well  a background music solution . Updating has become a pleasure  with over 100 new & vintage tracks installed monthly. We now have 90 AC/DC tracks available and more to come. A note acceptor is a great innovation and also the raffle feature is popular function.

The amusement industry is service orientated and NAD strives to be efficient and reliable.